Community Rules

Registration Requirements

All members of this community must have combat related experience. Combat veterans, of both military and civilian sectors, have experienced many things that simply cannot be understood by those who have not entered into that arena. Battle Hardened Inc. exists solely as a landing area for veterans of this caliber to connect.

All applicants are subject to verification of service prior to being granted membership to ensure the validity of their application. Please understand, this is a necessary measure to protect our members from fraudulent applicants, to protect the identities and information of the community's members and its events, and is to ensure the integrity of Battle Hardened Inc.'s mission remains intact.

There are a number of methods the community administrator can use to check the validity of applications. The default method is completely transparent and private for both parties. If the applicant chooses an alternative method, they may be required to disclose personal information of some kind. Immediately following registration, an email will be sent to the applicant with a list of validation processes he/she may choose from.